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What is a QR Code, and Why Should You Care?

Sample of a QR code on a billboard in Japan (source: Wikipedia)

 By Jim Jennings of Impulse Design & Source: Wikipedia
Your Friendly Neighborhood Geek

The Short Version:

A QR Code is a newer form of a bar code that is frequently used to pass information to a mobile device, generally they pass on website URL’s or info that would be hard or unpleasant to type from the average keypad used on most mobile devices. Typical uses include launching websites, logging into Wi-Fi hotspots in public places or finding online coupons with your smart phone or tablet (the uses are potentially infinite).

So why should you care? In a nutshell it will make your mobile usage easier, and who doesn’t like easier? Plus you can get discounts from online coupons, and saving money is Good™.

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